Our Participants

Overview of Benefits

As a community based consortium, serving the research and education arena, SoX understands the specialized community it serves. Striving to fulfill these unique needs, participants offer feedback of their digital communication needs and pay a reduced rate. In return, participants receive scalable, high quality, fast performing, large capacity and necessary digital communication services to fulfill their research community’s mission.

Service offerings benefit SoX participants by providing:

  • networks support IPv6 expansive routes on the global Internet
  • efficient and scaleable solutions for meeting unique connectivity needs
  • a collaborative environment to continually offer Next Generation services
  • continual and aggressive reductions in costs for participants
  • security solutions, such as DDOS mitigation
  • research assistance for data transfer

Without this collaborative environment and large volume purchasing that SoX provides, research and education communities would not have the access to a rich and robust network that is required for innovative research.

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Current Participants

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