Southern Crossroads SoX: Serving the research and education arena in the Southeast region of the United States.

Cloud Storage

A collaborative offering from SoX and PeachNet that will help participants leverage cloud-based solutions to address data management plans and data growth, simplify storage and reduce costs.  This offering is an on-demand storage solution for SoX participants and their affiliates.

This comprehensive storage solution includes:

  • Compression
  • De-duplication
  • Spin Down
  • Data Striping
  • Auto-configuration and auto-healing
  • Replication and erasure codes
  • Training


  • Solution for implementation of NSF mandated Data Management Plans
  • Export control and privacy from a trusted community
  • Scalable flexibility based on needs and growth
  • Fully replicated, redundant, high availability storage
  • Multiple access methods (CIFS/NFS/IFS/Web2.0/Sync & Share)
  • No additional network or bandwidth charges


  • A copy of the data is replicated across two geographic locations (Atlanta and Athens, GA)
  • Highly Available RAID disk redundancy and load balanced servers in each location
  • Vendor managed hardware by EMC for high up time and maximum availability
  • Configuration and provisioning managed by PeachNet
  • Diverse redundant network connection between the data centers
  • Multi-tenant secure isolation

This service has the ability to grow dynamically. As more space is necessary to achieve your goals and fill your needs, your organization will be billed for the additional storage space that you are using. There is a 10 TB minimum initial purchase with a one-year commitment.