The Software Defined Exchange (SDX) applies the principles of Software Defined Networking to the Internet Exchange to overcome long standing limitations in inter-domain routing. The goal is to provide a rich set of options for specifying policy at the exchange point to describe how traffic is handled between network operators. SoX is participating in several SDX related projects including a regional SDX deployment for the Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI).

Georgia Tech and SoX were awarded the NSF ACI-1451024 project called “AtlanticWave-Software Defined Exchange: A Distributed Intercontinental Experimental Software Defined Exchange (AtlanticWave-SDX)” which is comprised of two components: (1) a network infrastructure development component to bridge 100G of network capacity between Research and Education backbone networks in the U.S. and South America; and (2) an innovation component to build a distributed intercontinental experimental SDX between the U.S. and South America, by leveraging open exchange point resources at SoX (Atlanta), AMPATH (Miami), and Southern Light (São Paulo, Brazil).