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SoX FIONA and perfSONAR Workshop Fall 2018

Posted on: August 21st, 2018 | Posted in: Events

Southern Crossroads (SoX) in pleased to announce a workshop on FIONA and perfSONAR.


September 19-21, 2018

Meeting Location:
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
84 5th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30308



$500 (includes FIONEtte computer to take back after the workshop)

Password: soxfiona
Register here

Password: soxfiona

Agenda here

FIONA is the technology that the pacific research platform (PRP) and national research platform (NRP) and soon to be global research platform (GRP) use to implement high speed data transfers and instrumentation of these networks. This workshop will walk you through the installation, configuration, and monitoring of a “FIONette”. A FIONette is a 1Gbps node that can be used to demonstrate the various technologies used in creating FIONA nodes.

In addition, all of the FIONEttes will setup regular testing between themselves and we will setup a perfSONAR maddash for network performance as well as a maddash for data transfer.

The final day of the meeting will be a perfSONAR workshop. The goal is to enhance the SoX perfSONAR maddash to monitor the performance of the networks across the SoX region.

Many thanks to the pacific research platform, ESNet, and Indiana university for their support of the workshop.

Host: Southern Crossroads (SoX)
Venue: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center (Atlanta, GA)

Workshop Agenda
Google Doc for collecting Topics & Questions to cover in more depth

Putty SSH Client for Windows
Download page (ssh, scp, sftp, agent, etc.)
putty.exe (64-bit ssh)

Workshop Goals
By the end of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Understand selected use cases for using a FIONA/FIONette as a Data Transfer Node or Data Access Node
  • Be able to deploy a FIONette node at their institution
  • Install and configure perfSONAR tools including regular testing (throughput, latency / loss, traceroute)
  • Install and configure GridFTP tools including regular disk-to-disk throughput testing
  • Install and configure MaDDash visualization tool and Measurement Archive for storing test results
  • Troubleshoot selected network issues using the pS toolkit and other tools
  • Understand data movement performance analysis and visualization
  • Understand scaling and tuning options for for optimal data flow, including
    • BIOS / OS / FileSystem
    • TCP/UDP network stack
    • Single-stream vs Multiple-streams
    • Larger flows
    • Longer paths (with high Bandwidth Delay Products)
    • Properly secure FIONA/FIONette devices

Target Audience

  • Operational staff with responsibility for science engagement, e.g.:
    • Cyberinfrastructure Engineers
    • High Performance Computing Specialists
    • Research Systems Administrators
    • System Integration Engineers


  • Familiarity with the ScienceDMZ architectural model and related concepts
  • Experience with an UNIX/Linux command line environment
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP and UDP protocols
  • Basic UNIX/Linux System Administration skills and familiarity with Linux PC server hardware
  • Basic Network Engineering skills and familiarity with modern routing and switching technologies
  • Familiarity with the perfSONAR toolkit

Please note

  • participants are required to bring a notebook computer
  • participants should make their travel & lodging arrangements to allow them to be present for an 9AM (Eastern) start on Wednesday, September 19, 2018